A powerful task manager and tool to speed up and optimize Windows

AnVir Task Manager is a free program to manage startup, running processes, services and drivers on a Windows PC. This software is an excellent replacement for the system task manager, which will help you significantly speed up your PC and detect and eliminate some malware.

AnVir Task Manager displays complete information about processes, including command line, loaded DLLs, incoming and outgoing traffic, disk usage, tray icon, internet connections, windows, threads, open files, etc. To enhance the protection of AnVir Task Manager offers a security rating for active processes, services, and autoloads. It is based on the program’s behaviour, code analysis and data from the program database. It is also possible to check any suspicious process or file on virustotal.com.

The program allows you to view and manage startup programs and services. An integrated database with a description of more than 100,000 programs, services, drivers, and network connections will help in this. Disable or remove programs you don’t need, and your computer will run much faster. And if some program wants to be added to startup, you will receive a notification. You can enable the delayed loading function for some programs to ensure a quick start of the system.

To enhance the functionality of Windows, AnVir Task Manager can integrate additional buttons into each window’s title, allowing you to hide the window in a small floating icon, hide the window in the system tray, and dock the window on top of other windows. Also, in the system tray, you can place icons informing about the use of the processor, the temperature of some computer nodes, network traffic, battery charge, etc.

Pros and Cons
Lots of management features
Provides extensive information
Memory optimization option
Security ratings
Software and hardware monitoring
Too complicated interface

AnVir Task Manager is an excellent product that will become an indispensable assistant for Windows PC users. It provides a wealth of information about applications and processes to help you identify and optimize those taking up valuable system resources. At first glance, the program’s interface may seem confusing, but give the program a chance, and you won’t understand how you did without it before.

Author:AnVir Software
Updated:August 6, 2021
Latest Version: 9.4
Available languages:English, French, German, Italian, Polish, Portuguese, Russian, Spanish…


Below are the links to download AnVir Task Manager for Windows for free. In addition to the latest version, there may be links to download previous versions. Choose the distribution you need and download it. All links are direct and checked for malicious inclusions.

What’s new
  • Updated equipment monitoring module and startup program database


Download the installer, run it and follow the instructions. At the first launch, familiarize yourself with the program guide.

AnVir Task Manager